About Us

Our family-owned business was founded in 1989 by Jean and Harry Coleman on the philosophy of, "See a need and fill it!"
In 2016, being driven by daughter Kim and son Steve, the JAC Company realized there was a clear benefit to invest in the growth of the business through like-minded, family entrepreneurs that had a vision of growth and an appreciation for people. Using a set of core values and investing in people, the Garside family agreed to continue to build upon the legacy that Jean and Harry created.
Over 32 years later, a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction using the core values of Support, Resourcefulness, Respect, and Integrity is how Jean and Harry's legacy lives on"
JAC Provides Solutions Through Textiles!
To quote your specialty sewing requirements, please call 1-800-941-2761 or email info@jaccp.com. We look forward to serving your needs.