Core Values

Living our core values should not only be exercised at work but extend outside the building as well.  There is no better example than that of Joe supporting Linda in being able to do her best work.  A heavy snow fell overnight, and Linda was unable to make it into work.  As the day progressed Linda worked on finding someone, anyone to help her clear her driveway so she could make it to work, but to no avail.  Joe caught wind of this and went over to Linda’s house on his personal time to clear her Driveway so that she would be able to make to work.  More importantly, Linda knows she is thought of and cared for beyond the limits of the time clock. 
An error was made by hanging non-water repellent red material opposed to water repellent in which the customer ordered and paid the premium for.  The error it was later found in the printing process by Ryan exercising the verification process.  The team decided to lot check the material that was on the rack and identified that there was a potential of 3 customers that could have the incorrect part.  The team proceeded to contact those customers and inform them of our error we discovered and that we have a company promise to make it right and therefore will replace their parts at no cost to them to assure their customers are satisfied.  To the customer there is no way of telling the difference between the two materials without testing the water repellency prior to installation of the part.  Our promise to make it right and Ryan’s integrity is an example of our company’s success based on our staff and their integrity. 
Having employees like our staff that has been a part of producing parts for an extended period of time often comes with struggles of finding ways to be resourceful as we often can find ourselves become complacent with the status quote and go about our day doing the same things the same way with the same equipment day after day after day.  Being resourceful can have a misnomer that it means cheap or the un-willingness to spend money.  When in fact the example that stands out is a very simple, zero cost, solution-based concept that comes from saving time.  Using two doors to check staff into the building versus one single door slowing down the process and wasting time.  This was acted on swiftly and with excellent results.  Asking questions as to why we do something can lead to thinking differently and coming up with ideas on how to be more resourceful.  This is a great example of being resourceful by asking why only one door for access.
I believe the unofficial definition of COVID-19 is the consistence of un-certainty and constant change.  During these trying times each person handles change and uncertainty differently and therefore the presentation of respect to one another and to ourselves can get lost or worse not recognized.  We believe that not one person or persons should be singled out for an example of Respectful, but rather the entire company.  A percentage of staff were asked to work remotely, and that group of people respectfully accepted the new role and for that all of us are appreciative.  Another percentage of staff were deemed essential to the greater good of the community.  Those individuals respectfully and with pride accepted their new role and for that the entire company is appreciative.  To complicate matters further there were and are examples of staff that the mandates required simply put would not work.  The company has been able to respect the newfound conditions and make accommodations and find work for staffing to keep them employed as they are a part of this family and along with this commitment comes respect.  Respect for the individual from the company and the tribulations they are faced with, Respect for the company from the staff and the tribulations the company is faced with.  For all in this room than you for exuding mutual respect.