Frequently Asked Questions

What are the minimum number of parts I need to purchase?
*The MOQ needs to total up to or exceed $250. If the order total is less than $250 there will be a separate line item as a miscellaneous charge to equal the $250 mimimum order quantity.

Are the parts made in the USA?
*Yes, proudly manufactured in Dowagiac, Michigan.

Can you design a bag for me? Do I need to provide the design?
*Yes, we have a design team that can turn your concept/idea into a finished part. You have the option of providing JAC with your specific design or you can utilize our experienced design team for a set fee, based on the complexity of design.

Do you have ISO certification?
*Yes, JAC is ISO 13485:2016 certified.

Can you private label my products?
*Yes, JAC offers both a JAC branded product as well as the option of producing parts with your company's logo.

How long after an order is placed can I expect my products?
*Once the purchase order is placed, you can expect a 5 week lead-time for existing parts and a 6 week lead-time on newly designed parts.

How do the items get packaged?
* JAC can accommodate your packaging needs from individual to bulk packaged.

Can your company just make a custom prototype?
*Custom prototypes are available. There is a mimimum order quantity of $250.

Does JAC do repair work?
*JAC does not repair products that were not produced by JAC.